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Shades of Soil is a community that welcomes women of all shades, sizes and situations.

"Everyday we are realigning ourselves – our skin and bodies – with the rhythms of the earth."



   My name is Mallory Rose and I am a trained and certified Airbrush Tan Artist, born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I'm 30 years old and most importantly I am a mother, sister, daughter and friend. 

Since becoming a mother in 2020, my life has been a busy world full of emotions and experiences, to say the least. There really is no comparison to motherhood. I've never felt more empowered yet so lost all at the same time. In these past few years, the amount of adversity I have been challenged with has lead me to growth and finally a journey of healing as a woman in this world of chaos. Throughout these challenges I found myself most calm and at peace when surrounded with the Earth, being outside and finding solitude within Mother Nature. I became more confident and found clarity in my spirituality as well as the value I hold in this life that we are given. I believe I find interest in the connection between womanhood and the earth because I was trying to find both of those things within myself and will continue too.

As I am turning a passion into a business, I would like to share and support other women with hopes to build a community for all women to feel supported, understood and beautiful which will result in a sense of peace.

     While trying to put my vision into words, there's a randomly selected podcast (I've recently gained an obsession with gardening podcast) playing in the background. The podcast is called "Why Women Grow" by Alice Vincent. The purpose of her podcast is to share stories of Soil, Sisterhood and Survival. Each episode, she speaks with women of all situations about 'resistance, motherhood, spirituality, saving the planet and more.'
My vision is just that; Soil, Sisterhood and Survival. I have been blessed with a solid support system through the years, a support system consisting of strong, resilient and inspiring women. The more I spoke out about my journey the more others confided in me about theirs and in result of accepting support we have created unbreakable bonds with each other; a sisterhood while we are surviving. 
Self-care is at an all time high demand these days and most of us are finally starting to realize that it is okay to take care of ourselves and to not feel guilty about it. Tanning is something that has always been apart of my self-care routine. Whether it was frying my skin by the pool/beach, tanning beds (back in day- don't come for me), self-tanner products but consistently spray tanning for the last 4ish years. Nowadays, we actually care to understood more about what is the most nourishing for our bodies inside and out... Products, food, climate etc. When we look good, we feel good... When we feel good, we look good. 

As connecting womanhood with earth, it has created a fascination in me to learn more about the comparison of our bodies with Mother Nature and how it all comes together. The similarities in our skin and earth's soil is intriguing. Both skin and soil have three layers and a protective top layer. Each is home to a rich microbiome, and each exchanges nutrients and gasses with the outside world. There are six different types/shades of soil and according to the Fitzpatrick skin scale, there are six different types of skin tones. Our skin is a reflection of the earth’s soil. 

Let me help you activate the shade that is already meant for you, while feeding your soul with women empowerment and skin care products to keep your skin glowing and exfoliated without being damaged by the sun. 

*As this is starting as a mobile business, I have great hopes that this will expand into so much more. I can only do that with your support and trust in me. I am excited to learn more about you and your journey as well as build a forever sisterhood.

Thank you always for your time and for your business! 

Let's Connect!

SoS believes in the power of community and the power of women. Please share any uplifting story, testimony, or just say hello! 

Soil, Sisterhood and Survival.

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